Translation workflow with Neos

Hi there,

we like to use neos for our next projects but we’ve got a question regarding the possibility of using .xliff files for im- and export of content.

Our goal is to archive something like this:

  • The website will be finalized in four or more languages.
  • During ongoing operation, new content or changes are only maintained in the German version.
  • Every few weeks or months, all text content (including old texts etc.) of the German version should be exported in XLIFF format.
  • The customer’s translation service provider translates the texts into the remaining language versions and exports them in XLIFF format.
  • The translated content is then imported into the respective language versions of the website.

It must therefore be possible to import exports from language A after translation into language B. The workflow should be as simple as possible and should ideally be carried out by the customer himself.

Is this kind of workflow possible with neos ?