UI rewrite contributor training, 2016-06-29

Participants: @dimaip, @ryzy, Samuel Ryzycki, Robby Jansch and Damian Buecker

We have had a hangout to give an overview of the project to the new guys.
@ryzy already had been to the Sprint before and didn’t need much of an intro, Samuel, his brother, seems to have a lot of frontend experience and catch all the concepts on the fly, so are Robby and Damian, who work together in the company permanent.de. Everyone seemed to be determined to continue getting deeper into the project and starting contributing in an active way!

Besides the intro, we have talked about the next steps:

  • @ryzy has decided with fixing some infrastructure issues e.g. hot reloading.
  • Samuel, for starters, will try to implement the content dimensions selector.
  • Robby and Damian will need more time to look around in the following weeks, and will decide on where to start contributing
  • @dimaip will be refactoring and fixing styling, according to his own proposal (see wiki)

We have talked about that it’s important to get a solid foundation with React and Redux (watch free Egghead.io courses!), but at the same time not to delay writing code and making first contributions, as it may take forever to dig into the project.

Next hangout will be in the week from 11th to 15th of July. And we invite all those who are interested in joining the project to take part!


Awesome to see more people onboarding the project.

Thanks you, and thanks @dimaip to spend time on introducing the project to them.

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