UI rewrite team meeting notes, 2016-07-13

  1. General roadmap for the upcoming months. Who is doing what and what resources do we have available?
  • Dmitri: Subjective feeling: everything is not that bad, when Inspector is merged, missing big part is the tree. If the three of us can spend like 20h/Month in the next half year, we can get MVP version “done” at the end of the year. Great that Tyll and Sebastian showed up again!

  • Sebastian: I was offline for a longer time (Wedding)… Feels good to work again; feel that master works quite well. Feel that the overal direction should be to “simplify” than to “complicate” in terms of APIs. (Get rid of generic feedback handler, get rid of “Service” classes when they are un-needed, “backend.XY” things; communication between Guest/Host frame). Will continue working (hopefully continually)

  • Markus: got lost during getting content structure tree running; now that the structure in the host frame is more settled, will re-try! Have a react app at work, so getting more and more into React!

  1. Inspector implementation: current progress and problems
  • Sebastian: Done: inspector exists, editors exist, lazy-loading, etc. Feels a bit overengineered currently: two Webpack builds, better to have a general registry of userland extension points? Sebastian will try to understand the extensibility concern and come up with his own solution.
  1. Tree component: do we write it from scratch or base it on some existing component? (see: https://github.com/neos/neos-ui/issues/136)
  • Decision: Base it on existing component (rc-tree?)! Markus will check that.
  1. What is missing currently for an MVP version which can edit content in a good way? (SK)
  • Inspector (Sebastian) – Merge it in current state, refactor API
  • Proper tree (DnD, renaming, performance etc) and context tree (Markus)
  • Add nodes inline (Dmitri)
  • Delete / move nodes (Dmitri)
  • Dimensions selector and other smaller parts of UI (Samuel?)
  • Styling fine tuning (Dmitri)
  • Polishing, finetuning, bugfixing (Everyone, better if newcomers start with it)
  • Housekeeping, updating dependencies (Tyll)
  • Tests (Tyll)
  1. New contributors onboarding: prepare detailed tickets, plan onboarding hangouts etc
  • document features (eg. new CKeditors settings)
  • creating issues on GitHub (Tyll and Robby)
  • focus on main plan to replace the current ui
  • Tyll does an onboarding hangout next week

Have a short hangout every week: one week organizational and tech discussion hangout, the other week an onboarding hangout for newcomers, that experienced team members may skip.

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