Unable to edit the Text/ Document Nodes

Hey, I am currently unable to edit any of the text in my created modules where as I was able to some point before, I have administrator permissions and I am working on the project with another developer and we are unable to find out what the error is, has anyone ever experienced this before?

Mmmm, some more background would be interesting.

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For instance, Normally I can edit the text in this image type element , as shown in the image below, inline. Now when I click on the text it only highlights it. The only change we have been able to trace this to was when I tried to patch the color picker as instructed here https://jira.neos.io/browse/NEOS-468 (which isn’t working either)

make sure you have the exact same wrapping elements in the dom as one editable that’s working… you won’t see any errors, it simply won’t work…

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Hey Aske, I’m not quite sure I understand… what are wrapping elements?

dom elements that turns your output into something that can be edited… maybe check Nesting neos:contentElement.editable / neos:contentElement.editable without additional tag? and Prevent Div-Wrapping on Inline-Elements to get a better idea…

I found out that this bizarre error was being caused by my installation of this aloha color picker plugin.



strange… but when I removed it everything was fine.