Uncouple NodeTreePrivilege from EditNodePrivilege

Hi there,

Feedback regarding NodeTreePrivilege.
I think it is somewhat limiting that NodeTreePrivilege inherits from EditNodePrivilege. I can see a case where I want exclude nodes from the tree but want to grant edit rights through a backend module.
Currently this requires the backend module to disable security check for saving the node. This is of course far from optimal.

Would love to hear your opinion :smile:

Hi Moritz,

Good point. Unfortunately it wouldn’t be possible to change that without breaking backwards compatibility. But you can always create your own Privilege

I just had a call with @sebastian regarding a case where the current implementation is a problem.

In our case, we use the NodeTreePrivilege the restrict access to different sites within the installation.

At the same time, we want to use the EditNodePrivilege to restrict access to certain node types, e.g. allowing editing a certain node type only for adminstrators.

In this case, the less specific NodeTreePrivilege wins, thus allowing editing even if the EditNodePrivilege for a certain node type is not granted.

Uncoupling the two privileges would help in this situation and also allow to differentiate between granting read-only access and edit access to the Node tree.