Unwanted language segment visible in URL after updating from NEOS 2.1 to 2.2


as the topic says, after I have updated from NEOS 2.1 to 2.2 the language shortcut /en/ suddenly appears in the URL. The URL used to be like domain.de/service-page , not it is domain.de/en/service-page although I haven’t set any languages or workspaces.

why? and how to get rid of?

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Can you give us the output of this CLI command:

flow configuration:show --type Settings --path TYPO3.TYPO3CR.contentDimensions

Maybe you have the demo site installed and the demo site come with some content dimensions

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here is the output:

label: 'Neos.Demo:Main:contentDimensions.language’
icon: icon-language
default: en_US
defaultPreset: en_US
all: null
label: 'English (US)'
- en_US
uriSegment: en
label: 'English (UK)'
- en_UK
- en_US
uriSegment: uk
label: German
- de
uriSegment: de
label: French
- fr
uriSegment: fr
label: Dutch
- nl
- de
uriSegment: nl
label: Danish
- da
uriSegment: da
label: Latvian
- lv
uriSegment: lv

now, i guess your assumption with the demo package is right, but I am unsure as to why this configuration is used since i have created my own site package before i started developing.

any idea how to tell neos to use my site package’s configuration instead of the one provided by the demo package?


Maybe the neos/demo package was installed (again?), because it was still in your composer.json. Try running composer remove neos/demo, flush caches and check if the unwanted dimension configuration is gone.

PS: You might have to delete your browser cache (or open a private window to be sure) to see the changes in your content dimension selector, since content dimension configurations is saved in local storage and not updated on change. This behavior is fixed with the next bugfix release of Neos.

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Sounds like demo site was installed again. Which reminds me, we need a very clear notice about changing the default composer.json…

@christianm Do you mean a message after the installation that suggests to uninstall the demo package before starting development?

No I mean documentation about creating your own distribution (and I actually woudld like to have a plain distribution that does not contain the demo site).

I see, that would make sense. Since the demo package configuration is a very common source of error (especially for starters), I totally agree.

Just ping me in slack #guild-documention in case I could help with writing that documentation. Will need some more information what that personal distribution should contain.

Thank you folks, removing the demo package did the trick.

I use the demo site and i like that design. Is it possible to switch of the content dimension language? I don’t need it cause my site is monolingual. The trailing /de cost SEO points.