Upcoming topics on Learn Neos

Dear fellow Neos community,

since the last update to Learn Neos happened before 1.2 was released, it’s time to generate more content. After focussing on TypoScript in the previous guides and interactive tutorials, I’d like to ask if there are any suggestions / wishes on what the next guides / articles should be about.

Some ideas from my side:

  • Creating custom node types featuring a content node type and document node types
  • How to start creating a site with Neos
  • Some in depth coverage of content dimension concepts and inner workings and how to use them
  • Content cache details and how to achieve proper caching / flushing
  • Some more real world FlowQuery / TS examples
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Great you get going with Learn Neos again. As a general concept it is best to have High Level tasks that you cover with Learn Neos, so not get to deep into technical matters. What we need to focus on currently is growing the Neos community. As the community grows the levels can get deeper. So the ‘How to start creating a site with Neos’ and ‘Some in depth coverage of content dimension concepts and inner workings and how to use them’ seem good to focus on.

The first one obviously has great preference and it looks to me like only this topic has got so many angles already.

What would also be great if there is a high level description of what Neos is, maybe in comparison to other more traditional CMSs.

Hi Ben,

thx. for your feedback!

Yes, I see that too. My first priority was to give people an introduction to the new TypoScript, because the existing documentation wasn’t sufficient for that. So having something less technical next is certainly a good idea.

I hope we can get some more information about this on the Neos website. One aspect that I think can be put on Learn Neos is the whole content model concept and how to create a good content model for a specific website project.

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Yeah totally cool. I think keeping in mind a mission of the coming 6 months at least to grow the community with users/contributors (NOT developers) is essential on every aspect of the work we do in the Neos community

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Hey Christopher!
So awesome that you plan to get back to Learn Neos! That resource has really helped me a way back!

Before you move on to other topics, could you write that last missing part on advanced TypoScript? TS still is the essential part of Neos mastery, and it’s really hard to grasp some important ideas for newcommners (@override, @cache etc).

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Hi Dmitry,

yes, I will certainly work on that guide first. I already have a rough outline and it will be helpful to cover the missing pieces for a full coverage of TypoScript.