Update instructions?

On the NEOS website and in the documentation you can find two chapters about the installtion:

  1. “Download & install instructions” which is for the first installation.
  2. “Upgrade Instructions” which always is about upgrading from e.g. 5.0 => 5.1 or 5.1 => 5.2 and so on.

Why isn’t there a chapter with instructions for updating the system within minor versions e.g. 5.2.1 => 5.2.2 or something like that? Is it that easy that you needn’t write it down or is it the same way like in one of the existing chapters? I guess the subject is very clear to everyone who did it once but not for beginners.

Hi, you can find them in the docs here: https://docs.neos.io/cms/references/upgrade-instructions
They are also linked on neos.io

Hello Sebastian, thanks for your answer.
This is the documentation that I mentioned at point 2 “Upgrade Instructions”. But what is the procedure when installing the smaller bugfix releases e.g. from 5.2.1 to 5.2.2 or from 5.2.0 to 5.2.3.?
You announce the releases here in the forum. There are “Neos bugfix releases”, “Neos UI bugfix releases” and “Flow bugfix releases” but no instructions are provided for the respective update.

Hey Thomas,
we take semantic versioning quite seriously. That means, by default nothing is substantially changed between bugfix (last number) versions. All you have to do for upgrading to the next bugfix version is to do a composer update and release it. This is often even done unattended by an update management system. No manual steps required. Thats why, there is no documentation.

But maybe we should document that fact somewhere more clearly.


Hello Daniel, thank you.
At least it was not clear to me that the composer update does it all. I already executed this kind of update but afterwards I was wonderung that in the composer.json still the old version numbers are mentioned (e.g. “neos/neos”: “~5.2.0” or “neos/neos-base-distribution”: “5.2.1”). Is this normal?

The composer.json is never updated, it only defines the requirements. This requirements are the fulfilled with matching versions. You find detailed information of the installed packages with `composer info´ or in the composer.lock file.

Ah, ok, so my expectation was wrong and the system is already up to date.

Thank you!

Hey Thomas,

by execute the flow command: ./flow package:list you will get a list of all installed packages with the current version. Perhaps this will help to get an overview.

Also helpful command

composer outdated

Both commands are helpful for me. Thanks @ReneC and @sebobo!