Updating Neos 2.1 to 2.x without composer

Is it possible to update to 2.2 and then 2.3 without having a composer?

How did you install neos?

Basically updating boils down to:

  • update sources
  • ./flow flow:cache:flush --force
  • ./flow doctrine:migrate

Oh please, use composer :wink:

No kidding, all sort of think can break if you try to be the package manager. This tools is here to be used don’t try to go you own way.

True … but there might be cases where it is not possible to execute composer on the server directly. In that case it would make sense toi execute composer on another system and transfer the packages afterwards somehow.

I would always prefer a deployment that also does not need composer on the host but that might also be a problem in some cases.

Yes, but in that case please setup a reasonable release system locally or on a CI server run composer there and deploy to the server.