Upgrading 3rd party packages to NEOS ~3.0

Hello All,
I followed the upgrade instructions from neos.io. But using the ./flow command to check if all deps are OK throws this exception for a 3rd party package:

The object "array" which was specified as a property in the object configuration of object     "Vendor\NodeCrudProcessor\ProcessorRegistry" (automatically registered class) does not exist.

Check for spelling mistakes and if that dependency is correctly

This error occurs for every attempt to inject a dependcy like:

 * @var array
 * @Flow\Inject(setting="nodeCrudProcessors.mapping")
protected $configuration;


 * @var \Neos\Utils\Arrays
 * @Flow\Inject
protected $foobar;

do you have any ideas what went wrong?

Greetings Tom

In later versions of Flow, the injection of Configuration is done with @Flow\InjectConfiguration(...) instead

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