Upload and manage a lot of pictures in neos

Hello, I would like to use multiple galleries on a web page. There are 2-3000 images. Should I this all upload in the in the neos media area? It’s a little bit dangerous because I can delete only individually and not all 3000 pictures together. Can I remove more images with a flow command?

Or is it not a good solution 3000 pictures uploaded in neos backend.

Hi Stefan,

I suggest that you rather import this amount of assets via the command line. There’s a plugin by @sebobo which appears to have support for that: https://www.neos.io/download-and-extend/packages/shel/shel-mediafrontend.html - but the current description says that it’s not stable yet. But maybe it’s worth a try.

Alternatively you can program a command controller which does that job. Or ask someone to do that for you.


Thank you robert. There are only 200 per gallery so that the upload might go well. I will try it. And do I need for each gallery a separate tag.

At the moment the images are are not so good to manage in the backend, for example I can not delete all pics with the tag XYZ. Right? Is this not often wished for neos media management and is it long time need to coming this features in neos? Unfortunately I can not program.

As @robert mentioned my package does basically what you need I guess.
Or you fork it as starting point. Every improvement as PR would be awesome of course!

Currently it can import all files from a folder into ONE collection called “Imported”.
A second import wouldn’t import already imported images.
You can afterwards delete everything which is still in the collection with another command.

It could be easily extended to allow you with a parameter to select a collection when importing.
This way you could import into several collections instead of having one with all images.

Or even add another parameter to add a tag when importing.
The code of the package is not very complicated so it should be easy to extend.

oh thanks a lot @sebobo.

And deleting many pictures/assets? it’s hard delete in neos 200 or more images.

Why do you need to delete so many?
Is it something you only need to do once or need to do it more often?

You could modify the delete command to delete everything in a collection or with a certain tag.

Yes, once per year, because old picture will be remove (around 2-400 pics). Modify the delete command sounds good! But witch delete command? can you help me and show me the point of your code, or is it not in your package?

That could get more complicated because you have to check not to delete referenced pictures.
But that would be good anyways :wink:

You can find the CommandController here https://github.com/Sebobo/Shel.MediaFrontend/blob/master/Classes/Shel/MediaFrontend/Command/ImportCommandController.php

There is a simple purge command and you could add a new but similar delete command which can delete assets specified by some parameters. For example “older than” or “with tag” or “in collection”.