Use label as content of Node-Links in CkEditor

When someone adds a link in the Editor without marking a text, it generates a link like

<a href="node://3e15553b-13cd-434a-a115-83193657dba6">node://3e15553b-13cd-434a-a115-83193657dba6</a>

and in the frontend, the content of the link tag is also converted to the path of the node.

<a href="/path/to/my/node">/path/to/my/node</a>

Is it possible to configure it to be rendered like Neos.Neos:NodeLink as

<a href="/path/to/my/node">Label of my node</a>


yes - the node uris are converted via the Fusion object UrisConverter or smt. In its php implementation, you fill find a funny regex which preg_replace_callback’s everything that looks like a node id. You would need to adjust it to find out if you are in an attribute (href) or in a text. “Parsing” html with regex is quite dangerous, but might work mostly as ckeditor only generates valid and predictable html. Otherwise you could also use the XML Dom parser from PHP.