Use Stack Overflow at all?

I’d like to re-validate the question why we are going to use Stack Overflow.

From a technical perspective, Discuss might provide us with enough functionality to answer questions at On the other hand, Stack Overflow will give is more presence in a forum shared by many other people of other communities. The question is if this presence is actually as important or likely as we think and if that justifies spreading our user communication over yet another tool. I see some benefits in using Discourse only, for example will questions and answers be bound to a user profile. Also, it will be easier for the Neos team and other volunteers to keep track of open questions. There is also some probability that people will still ask questions in even though they should end up at Stack Overflow (and they can’t be just moved to SO).

So, what do you think? How about starting with Discourse for everything and add Stack Overflow “officially” when we see the need?

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Been thinking about this myself recently as well.

Sure, and it can also be the other way round; if we’d prefer as official platform.

I follow your arguments, and am “+1” towards starting with discourse. I personally will also periodically follow StackOverflow tags to make sure people wo ask there get help, but I am 100% fine with using just discourse for our community for a start.

In a nutshell: +1 for your idea, embracing discourse!

Greets, Sebastian

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  • start with Discourse only
  • start with Stack Overflow right away

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So just out of curiosity: how can a poll be closed?

The person who started it can also close the poll. I’m not sure if there’s an additional possibility.

Indeed it would be very hard to keep the barrier between the two (we fail at it already).
But we still should be keeping an eye on Stackoverflow questions of course.

I think SO is an important dev resource and we definitely should watch/use it, because users will.
Still I am open on how much we integrate it.

We need to keep an eye on SO, but we should rediret new comers to Discourse. SO will be used naturally, but if we can have a really active it’s really nice for our community.

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I find it kind of dangerous to have advantages like “bound to a profile” as that’s kind of touching the boundaries of being an “open” community imho, but I also like having everything on 1 place and am not really a stackoverflow fan. So if we can find a way to integrate SO in our workflow and making sure questions raised there get a decent reply then I’m all for discourse :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think that having a central user profile on is key, but of course we can and should make it very easy to connect this profile with Github, Stack Overflow, Twitter and all other relevant services. For example, you might want to sign up through Github and then we automatically create a account based on that.

I also like the profile :wink: Putting it as a “pro” for a tool is what is the scary part to me. This could mean we favor an ‘own tool’ (and thus prone to being ‘closed’ or at least seen as closed from outside perspective) over a widely accepted tool.

I don’t think that people will have that impression.,, – all of them have their own user base and dedicated solution.

just pointing to the risk :wink:

regarding the poll: it seems closed by now, is there no automatic notion in the thread that the poll is actually closed?

No, I just tried out the “Close Poll” button :smile:

Would it be an option to integrate SO and Discourse?

So basically mirroring SO into a dedicated category. It would give the benefit of having everything in one place, but having a presence at SO as well. And questions asked here would then also be present there, which would hel people looking for Neos resources at SO.