User Content License Change?

Continuing the discussion from TOS in Discourse:

I hope that it is possible to reuse what people have written at when writing documentation.

What license are our docs? Are the Flow docs MIT and the Neos docs GPL? Or are they CreativeCommons? Can I reuse these comments in the docs?

What does “NonCommercial” mean for documentation purposes?

Would Web Agencies be allowed to use questions or answers here to teach their clients?

If the docs had this CC-AT-NC-SA license too, would web agencies be allowed to use those docs with their clients? The clients who are paying them for training?

For my understanding the NonCommercial mean you can not make money (sell a book, …), but using the document in teaching materiel sounds ok for me, but I’m not a lawyer

Can I reuse a comment from discourse in the Flow docs or the Neos docs? The licenses are different, and I think that GPL and CC conflict. Should we relicense the docs under CC?

One important reason why Creative Commons licenses should not be used to release software is that they aren’t compatible with existing free software licenses, most importantly the GPL from the Free Software Foundation, which is used by over half of free software projects.