Using Behat for Flow applications

Is the way to go if you want to use Behat for your Flow application (3.0.0-beta5)? Are there plans to use/support Behat 3 in the near future? Is there a better alternative/way to use Behat for Flow applications by now?

Hi Roland,

I’ve not used it really until now but there’s a part in the Neos documentation about Behat tests - that might help you:

Thank you for the hint. I already had a look at it.

My current problem: After running ./flow behat:setup and ./flow behat:kickstart --package-name "My.Package" --host "" I get an exception when running bin/behat -c Packages/Application/My.Package/Tests/Behavior/behat.yml

  `Behat\MinkExtension\Extension` extension file or class could not be located.

FYI: the exception was caused by the fact, that (by incident caused by a stupid mistake) Behat 3 was installed. Installing Behat 2.4 (requirement of Flowpack.Behat) solved the problem. Running a simple Behat test worked fine.