Using SearchPlugin with SimpleSearch


I’m using the Flowpack.SearchPlugin in combination with SimpleSearch that works almost perfectly. The search result shows only one result that is related to the ‘Homepage’ but the search query contains a word that definetly available on other pages too. How can I configure the plugin or SimpleSearch to show me all results?

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It should definitely show you all results by default. Did you run the nodeindex:build command to initialize the index?

Hi Christian,

thanks for your reply.
As SearchPlugin requires ElasticSearch and ElasticSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor I succesfully used flowpack.simplesearch.contentrepositoryadaptor:nodeindex:build instead. Again, the result contains a link to the root page only.


It shouldn’t require those packages but should also work with

Do you have a ElasticSearch instance running?

No. When I installed flowpack/searchplugin every command will be answered with:

The object “Flowpack\ElasticSearch\ContentRepositoryAdaptor\ElasticSearchClient” which was specified as a property in the object configuration of object “Flowpack\SearchPlugin\Controller\SuggestController” (automatically registered class) does not exist.

So I assume a dependancy here.

Get rid of the ElasticSearch Packages and use the SimpleSearch Packages instead:

And then rebuild the node index just as @christianm said with :/flow nodeindex:build

Thanks for your help.
After trying around I could get it running with Flowpack.SimpleSearch and Flowpack.SimpleSearch.ContentRepositoryAdaptor without using Flowpack.SearchPlugin. It shows all relevant results now, even for other pages than the homepage. :smile:

I tried to install Flowpack.SearchPlugin again but this thrown an error 500 and seems to work only with ElasticSearch.

Yeah, you’re right. It really has a require on a ES-Package …