Version upgrade from 4.3.17

OK, ./flow help reports 4.3.17 (“Development” context) - I am assuming this is the current installed version ( GUI seems to have no place to check it…)

I have a pretty basic setup (nothing fancy, just using the Neos.Demo site to hold content) - and I want to back everything up and try Upgrade Instructions 4.3 → 5.0 - Neos Upgrade Instructions - References - Neos CMS - Neos Docs

Is that the recommended upgrade workflow of choice for me? Or is it better to upgrade directly to the latest version?


It should be fine to do the updates from lts to lts meaning 4.3 lts → 5.3 lts and afterwards 5.3 lts → 7.3 lts. If you do so you should still read the upgrade instructions for the major changes (4.3-5.0 & 5.3-7.0) as those usually have some extra tasks.

And always be sure to have a backup before migrating db or code.

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