Video mp4/webm/ogv in website from own server

maybe it’s obvious but I can’t find a simple way to select mp4/webm/ogv in Neos Inspector.
No problem to upload the videos to the server. But I can’t select them with default nodeType with type: Neos\Media\Domain\Model\ImageInterface.

Of corse videos are no Images but Media.

Is AssetInterface the right one. The documentation is quite small about(AssetInterface). I can’t figure out if it would work with this. There would be a lot of possibilities to do some buggy-code and because of this think it is the wrong Interface at all.
Maybe someone could give an recommendation if it is the right.
Or is there some docu about I have overlooked?

Aim: I would like to have at the end some source-code like:

<section class="video-banner">
    <div id="video-wrap">
       <video id="video-intro" poster="//_Resources/Persistent/c80586137ea1fbd4bece3fce7e90da61b89ecbf1/intro-img.jpg">
          <source src="/_Resources/Persistent/aee6137ea1fbd4bece3fce7e90da61b89ecbe4/intro.mp4" type="video/mp4">
          <source src="/_Resources/Persistent/re4586137ea1fbd4bece3fce7e90da61b89erec5/intro.webm" type="video/webm">
          <source src="/_Resources/Persistent/r46786137ea1fbd4bece3fce7e90da61b89tff4e3/intro.ogv" type="video/ogg">

#Other ways, if AssetInterface does not the job:
Would anyone have an idea, or maybe working Neos-code for this aim?

Hi, i did it with the LinkEditor and set asset true,


prototype(VideoPlayer:Video) < prototype(Content) {
    mp4 = ${q(node).property('mp4')}
    mp4.@process.convertUris = Neos.Neos:ConvertUris {
        forceConversion = true


      type: string
        label: i18n
          group: video
          editor: Neos.Neos/Inspector/Editors/LinkEditor
            assets: true


Glad your found a way. The LinkEditor can work fine if there’s only one asset to be selected, however it doesn’t allow you to open the media library to find the asset. For that the AssetEditor is better suited.


It’s used in the ‘Neos.NodeTypes:AssetList’ node type:

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After looking through pages and pages, I don’t get why it has to be so difficult to find the right syntax to render an asset like this {f:uri.resource(resource: asset.resource)}, thanks for the info !

I understand your frustration, where did you try to look?

It’s mentioned in the templating section of the documentation and in the view helper reference.

Ah I see,

well, I was searching for render asset URI or media URI (like I said, my problem was I didn’t know how to render the asset) and unfortunately I could only find answers for images, like these:

I tried to see if I can use convertUris, or using a Tag and wish it would handle the object, but couldn’t get it to work.

Also I used <f:debug> to debug the asset object, but the debug only showed me a single line of the object type, didn’t help much. Or maybe I don’t know how to use the debugger effectively. So, I didn’t know what properties I could get from the asset object in the first place.

And then I decided to search the forum, since google searches are not very effective for Neos.

Gotcha, well glad you found it at least. Yeah Google is not be best friend for discuss, guessing not enough external links to it.

convertUris can actually be used for it with asset://asset-identifier, however usually not the easiest way.

A great tip is to look more at the source code of the core and the demo site, don’t be afraid to dive in, you’ll learn a lot and it’s neatly structured and not a big mess like other source codes sometimes are.

Learning where to look for an answer is harder than learning the framework itself hahaha, thanks for the tips !

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