VOTE Budget proposal: cover resoration of CI automation

Dear team members,
Since I started this discussion in, it probably lies on me to bring it to a conclusion.

As said in the thread, I think it makes sense to spend part of the remaining budget on coding. As one of the most pressing issues, I propose to cover expenses of those who had spent their time restoring the CI scripts and automation. Robert and Karsten have spent so far 40.5 hours of their company time. I spoke to Robert, and he offered to take 50% off on account of Flownative, and charge a reduced rate of 60eur/hour for that work, which would total in 2430EUR.
Also I spoke to @radmiraal and he doesn’t want his expenses to be covered.

I know it’s not a standard situation to pay for already done work, but this situation is somehow special in two regards: the unexpectedness of the need to restore the scripts and also the fact that we need to spend the money.

So I propose to vote for team members by liking this post or by posting responses to this thread.
Like this post if you agree to cover the expenses that were needed to restore the CI setup to full operation (2430EUR to Karsten and Robert)
If you disagree, have doubts or want to suggest a different option, just write it in the reply.

edit: this post has been edited with clarification on the exact thing we are voting for.


Thanks for bringing this up again , Dmitry

Fine with me but please lets use the like button instead to avoid spamming.

I’m definitively not against, but as this is a vote, can we have an estimate on the remaining time needed ? I like voting, but background details are required to vote.

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Thx, changed the text

As far as I understood it, this was about the work we already did, so just to be safe on that side, I don’t consider upcoming work being part of this deal.

As for the remaining work, I wrote in the other thread:

What’s basically missing now is a job for building JS / CSS, rendering docs and importing the translations. Maybe that takes a day or so to create.

I – and certainly Karsten and Christian will continue to work on these tasks and other Neos stuff. For sure! But as for this payment, Dmitri’s proposal is to pay for work already been done.

Well, actually I proposed to pay both for already done AND upcoming work. After all, agreeing to fund upcoming work is a lot more natural… But if you insist you and @radmiraal don’t need that support, then let’s change the subject of voting to cover just the work that has already been done.

okay :wink: I think that’s fair enough. We didn’t expect to get money for this, but since it got a bit out of bounds, it’s very appreciated. And for the remaining work, let’s just fix that together.


I updated the details on what we are voting for, including info from Rens. Please like the original post if you agree, or comment otherwise.