Want to read YAML data

Hello, everyone,
I am currently working through the tutorial on Windows/XAMPP. So far it works quite well. Now I have a question:

How can I read the YAML data from Configuration/Settings.yaml?

Many Thanks

LG Mark

you mean how to inject configuration into a property?

/** @Flow\InjectConfiguration("your.path") */
protected array $bar;

or for the whole package config:

public function injectSettings(array $packageConfig)

No, I mean how do I read e.g. a Settings.yaml.

yes while you can somehow get the location of My.Package/Configuration/Settings.yaml and parse the yaml it is not at all recommend why do you want that in the first place - you can use flows abstaction as shown above (or see the flow docs)

if you want to hack areound in flow abit and this is just for fun and learning, then i guess youll find a way ^^