Warning: Declaration in Proxy Class (Flow_Object_Classes)


I use Neos Flow 4.3.2 with PHP 7.1

Using declare(strict_types=1); I get an error Warning: Declaration … should be compatible with … in my case the proxy class Z3_Crm_Controller_CallAgentController.php for CallAgentController extends from CallAgentController_Original

in CallAgentController_Original the declaration of Contact is right

public function nextAction(Contact $contact, string $type = ‘’, string $text = ‘’)

in CallAgentController not any more

public function nextAction($contact, string $type = ‘’, string $text = ‘’)

This trigged the error (warning)

Thx for help

Hi Timo,

this sounds like something which can be fixed in Flow’s Proxy Class Builder. Do you mind opening in the Flow issue tracker?

Ideally you’d provide a minimal example with two PHP classes and a short note about how to reproduce the problem.


Hi Robert,

i did https://github.com/neos/flow-development-collection/issues/1191