Weblate component Discovery API not Works

When I create a weblate addon (component discovery) with the REST api,

'curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" ' +
'-H "Authorization: Token ************<strong>" ' +
'-k -d "{' +
'\"name\":\"weblate.discovery.discovery\",' +
'\"configuration\":{' +
'\"match\":\"locales/(?P^<language^>[^^/]*)/(?P^<component^>(?!**TEMPLATE**) ([^^/])*)\\.json\",' +
'\"file_format\":\"i18next\",' +
'\"name_template\":\"{{ component }}_fr\",' +
'\"base_file_template\":\"locales/fr/{{component}}.json\",' +
'\"new_base_template\":\"locales/fr/{{component}}.json\",' +
'\"language_regex\":\"^^[^^.]+$\",' +
'\"copy_addons\":true,' +
'\"remove\":false,' +
'\"confirm\":true,' +
'\"preview\":true},' +
'\"url\":\"\"' +

Weblate does not automatically get the files that I push in the git repository.

To make it work, I first need to manually

  1. go to the discovery addon webpage in the web browser,
  2. save the addon in the web browser
  3. accept the list of files that match the template in the web browser.

Once this has been done one time, all the files that I push in the git repository are correctly discovered by weblate.

However we would like to do the 1), 2) & 3) steps automaticaly with the REST API. I tried to set the confirm and preview fields of our CURL request to false but it does not work.

Is there a way to configure the CURL request so that weblate discover the files without any manual steps?