What is best practice to create/extend website on neos?

Hi community !

I try to find best decision.

I am going to create website with neos. I see there is Neos.Demo package.
And its items like carousel would be useful for me. But I will need to customize them.

So here I have few questions:

  • How can I overwrite/extend Neos.Demo package and is it good idea ?
  • Can I change files right in Packages/Sites/Neos.Demo ?
  • Or should I create new own package and build all from scratch ?

Kind regards and thanks !


the Demo was always meant as something that can be quickly be played with and copied from. Currently there is a complete new version in the making with up-to-date best practices.

So my recommendation is always to play with the Demo and change it and when you feel ready, remove it via composer (and prune its content) and kickstart your own site package.

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