What is the main benefit to separate the Utilities into different packages?

Hi Everyone,

I found that in the new release of Neos 3.0, the Utilities are grouped and put into different packages. As my experiences, more packages will impact the loading performance become more slower.

What if we just group them into different directories and put into one package? And/Or what is the main benefit to separate them into different packages?


Those packages can be usefull without flow/neos and thus are decoupled as much as possible to be used from others aswell.

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what @mficzel said. Basically this way these packages are removed from the main dev workflow and we could start replacing them with other open source packages or use them in other projects. Also makes maintenance a bit easier if you know exactly where this specific piece of code is required and where not.

Also, from my experience, it doesn’t get slower. The opposite is the case very often :wink:
Maybe loading stuff with composer might take a little longer.

I also would say this is NOT true. Especially since the package manger rewrite it shouldn’t matter how many packages there are. Overall it even contributes to better performance because most of the new packages are not reflected or proxied, which also means less class files to watch for changes in development.