What would be a new feature everybody wants in Neos?

(Dennis Schröder) #1

If you would have one or more feature wishes for free that somebody would develop in Neos, what would that be?
Please feel free to dream!

Can´ t wait to here your wishes.

(Christian Müller) #2

(Alexander Kappler) #3

My feature wish would be Drag-And-Drop of Content Elements on the page, as this would also follow the concept of WYSIWYG and I think for editors it would be more intuitive as well, in comparison to use the content element tree.

(Dennis Schröder) #4

Yes indeed that would be a nice feature! Thx for your answer!

(Soren Malling) #5


I would like to see database dependency being separated from the Neos Flow framework and have them turned into libraries similar to the many neos-* libraries created lately.


Being able to start a project with only the needed components and environment (server) installed software

(Benjamin Klix) #6

Feature: Add or remove multiple assets from tag(s).
Why: Sometimes you need to add new files to multiple tags. This currently is really time consuming.

(Benno Weinzierl) #7

Feature: A more advanced Media Module (With Access-Management, better User Experience when having lots of Tags and Collections (e.g. Suggest Search and Tag Trees maybe) and Meta-Data)
Why: Because that is one of the last few last reasons to prefer an other CMS (maybe TYPO3) over Neos

I know, i am allowed only one but the next one comes from a collegue of mine :slight_smile:

Feature: List View in Backend
Why: Because sometimes it just makes a lot more sense to edit stuff in a searchable, sortable list

(Benjamin Klix) #8

What exactly do you mean by this? What differences to the “Raw content” edit mode do you need?

(David Sporer) #9

Inline-Editing of images with Drag & Drop feature.
I think it would be really cool, if you could just drag and drop an image anywhere in your content and it get’s wrapped in an image element automatically and then be able to edit it (cropping).
Also the mentioned drag & drop feature for nodes on the page would be awesome as well.

Another one that would be great: sub-collections for assets. Just to be able to create a folder-like structure. Our experience is that people just think in folders because they’re heavily used to it so it might make sense to allow that in Neos as well.