Where is neos in 5 Years?

I am a huge fan of neos, thats why I am curious about it´s future. What are the big plans?
Where is neos in let´s say 5 years? Can we use neos headless and still have inline editing?
Is neos then still a big monolith or has it been separated into authoring and delivery parts for decoupling interests and better scaling?

Would really be interested in your’ll thoughts on that topic!

I think the thread in Slack will tackle that. Bit sad that all answers in slack and not here :wink:

I’m curious about the same, but concerning the Flow framework.

This is what i would love to see:

  • The new eventsourced CR, usable with and without flow
  • Fusion as standalone package to be used with and without flow
  • An independent UI-Application that communicates with the CR via graphQL
  • An independent Rendering stack that is based in the CR and Fusion

Achieving all this is hard and requires long term continous work. It takes time and we can only move some pieces at a time.