Where is the path /neos defined?

Hello All,
I set up my neos and now I use the link “my.domain.com/neos” and it automatically turn to “my.domain.com/neos/login” . How can I change the “neos” in the link so that I can use the link “my.domai.com/lewis” to turn to the login page? I found a lot of conf files in my neos but found nothing. So could sb help me? Thanks in advanced.

This is defined in the Neos backend and login routes (Packages/Application/TYPO3.Neos/Configuration/Routes.*.yaml). It cannot simply be changed without changing the core package or replicating all neos routes in your own package. I would actually advice against changing it as currently we expect this path and it might brake stuff if you change it.

AFAIK we’ve taken care of not having any hardcoded paths anymore, at least we’ve done several changes to fix that. It is indeed cumbersome to change, but should be doable.

Ok, thank you for your advice.

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