Where to get more Neos promo material?

Hey folks,

there were a lot of goodies handed out at this year’s InspiringCon, such as stickers, postcards et cetera. I’d like to have some of that at the Neos Rhein/Main meetup - can somebody tell me who was in charge of that and how/where to get more? Thanks!

(Shameless plug: We’ve got 16 participants signed up already for the next FFM meetup. Feel free to join: http://www.meetup.com/de-DE/NeosCMS-Flow-RheinMain/events/232940462/)

Hmm, maybe @sebastian ?

@fheinze was the one to give them out at InspiringCon (and having organised them), if i remember correctly.

@beheist: we eventually ran out of postcards but I can oder new ones. We still have enough stickers :wink: