Which Neos Plugins do you use in (almost) every project?

(Bastian Heist) #1

Hey everybody,

I’d like to hear about your favorite Flow/Neos plugins that you use in most of your projects. My goal is to create an article such as “20 awesome Neos plugins for your website projects” to spread the knowledge a bit and highlight the great plugins out there. Looking forward to answers!

(Michael Gerdemann) #2

We almost always use the following packages:

  • sitegeist/monocle
  • moc/imageoptimizer
  • moc/notfound
  • carbon/gulp
  • flowpack/listable
  • gerdemann/recaptcha
  • avency/neos-vardump

(Daniel Lienert) #3

Packages all our projects have installed:

As well as the already mentioned

  • moc/imageoptimizer
  • moc/notfound

(Peter Rauber) #4

In every project we use:

  • packagefactory/atomicfusion
  • sitegeist/monocle
  • neos/form-builder
  • neos/form-fusionrenderer
  • flowpack/nodetemplates
  • flowpack/cachebuster
  • moc/imageoptimizer

In most projects we also use:

  • neos/googleanalytics