Wizard for creating (basic content) node types (like Typo3 -> Mask)

Hello :wink:

I was trying to impress a friend with Neos, but then he showed me an easy- to-use beginner-friendly Plugin for TYPO3: TYPO3 Extension ‘Mask’ (mask)

This allows to super! easily to create content node via a GUI. And I must say, even if it wouldn’t be of use for complex ideas, it certainly is a good start (for beginners).

A few years ago I installed the Neos demo site. But to me, it was all way to complex (at that time - now I see how easy Neos lets you configure/create stuff (Thanks!!!))
If I had a way of creating nodes like with ‘Mask’ back then I wouldn’t probably get scared of that fast.

The ‘Basic Idea’ would be:

  • the semi advanced user stays in the Neos Backend.
  • in the Neos backend you go to the Drawer → Management → 'Node Creation’
  • then you can pick a name, icon and co
  • then you can add via a GUI editor properties like Inline Editing and Checkboxes / Content collection … and all other integrated Neos properties.
  • then you can ‘build’ this node via one click.
    1. a .yaml should be generated with the set properties and co
    1. a new .fusion should be created which renders all the specified properties (of course without any logic … just plain as HTML, so you can see the properties working)
    1. redirect to a .fusion editor in the Neos backend to edit the output and implement style and so on.

I don’t know if there is such or similar functionality/ plugin out there - or if this would be useful at all for the current / targeted user base - but I wanted to share my thoughts.

What do you think?

Hi Marc :slight_smile:

It’s Open Source and you are free to build what you find interesting :smiley:

I wouldn’t worry about “targeted user base” or if other will find it usefull.

If it solves something for you today, it might solve for other tomorrow :gem:

You are right :wink:

I might come back to this idea later - because I lack the skills and knowledge to implement it. (Newbie at Neos and PHP (and no clue about React xD) ^^)

When I created the JSON Schema for the nodetypes files for validation and autocompletio, I played around with a JS form framework that can generate forms from schemas. With a bit of adjustment I was able to click together some very basic nodetype and it’s properties. Not sure if it’s worth the effort though. But something somebody could try further.

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Use this forum and the slack channel for support on your work - we can all learn from each other :+1:


I was also just thinking about using schemas (similar to XSD and Relax NG for XML), possibly JSON-Schema, for describing recognized NodeType configuration options.

From these, even a rather generic visual YAML configuration tool could help generate dialogues for the Neos UI.

Validation would be another welcome benefit for bugfixing.

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