Workspace issue with specific user content

Hi Team,
I am new with the Neos CMS.
There an issue with the specific user’s content.
Couple of nodes are not reflecting on one user users content which is published by another user in the same workspace.
Example: User X (editor) can see content like - “A B D F”
User y,z (editor/administrator) can see the content like “A B C D E F”
So, C and E node is not getting synced with User A.

When we remove these node (C and E) and create another node then it is getting synced in the same workspace.

I just wanted to know the reason behind this issue. So I can avoid it in future.
If there any solution on it please let me know.

Could also be a cache misconfiguration in Fusion.
The workspaces are in sync and both users should see the same thing except if they modified the same node in their personal workspace.