Wrap node issue


I have a Page with a lot of wrapped content. The Wrap itself works good. But…

If I klick in the wrapped content the Properties of the Wrapped Node is shown in the right editor (like I want). So good but if I change something like the name and apply the backend leave the current Page and jump to the node I have Changed. In my case it is not userfriendly. I want to stay on current page and reload or not the current one and not jump to another.

I need three times more time to edit the whole page because of all the jumps to other content.
If I set reloadIfChanged to false the cache will not be updated. What can I do to solve my problem?

<neos:contentElement.wrap node="{person}">{node.properties.lastname}</neos:contentElement.wrap>


  type: string
  defaultValue: ''
    label: 'Nachname'
    inlineEditable: true
    reloadIfChanged: true
    reloadPageIfChanged: false
      group: person