Write about Neos week

Hello Community,

It is nice to see Neos CMS is taking good shape even after split from
its big brother! And Neos community is highly vibrant and we can see
developers actually “love” Neos :slight_smile:

You all must have noticed if you (or prospective Neos users/customers)
search on Google you come across lot of old articles and storm about
future of Neos and issues. All these posts are from 2012 and 2013 when
Neos was in early stage. After release of Neos 1.1 we got many good
features and Neos 2.0 is amazing!

But there is not enough being written about Neos. There are some good
articles and news e.g. from Sandstormmedia and Youwe, but its just too
less for the internet.

Few of the key points customers/users look for while choosing Neos are

  1. Is there a community behind it?
  2. Are we one of the first using it?
  3. How many developers are already using or working on Neos?
  4. How many packages are already there?

I propose a community effort to counter these issues. Lets write about Neos!

Mission: To write about Neos - features, projects done,
comparison and anything you can share on your own blog or website in any
language you can write it.

Time: Week 31 - Sunday July 26 to August 1

Where to post: Write your articles and posts on your own website
or blog. Link to related posts later from other contributors. Share on
all social media channels you can.

What to write:

  1. Key Neos features in your perspective e.g. editing simplicity, content dimensions, templating, internationalization etc
  2. Projects you did in Neos and what was key feature
  3. Comparison with other CMS
  4. Migrating from TYPO3 or other CMS
  5. Neos packages you have contributed and how to use them (may be with a demo on Launchr.com)

Let’s discuss this more and put some energy behind our beloved product!

With kind regards