Xampp and Neos - Error PHP: SubProcessException


I installed Xampp 3.2.2 and I’m trying to run Typo3 Neos on it.
Some ports I have had to change because the original ones have just been used by other software, but it did not seeme to provocate errors.

Also the installation of Typo3 Neos happened without problems.

The first problem happened, when trying to activate flow with “./flow server:run”
The error is shown in picture 1:

Picture 2 shows the error log of apache:

The OpenSSL-Error has just been solved.

As I did not find any solution for the main problem I’ll ask here for a solution.
Maybe you can help me

Two things that are important with Mamp on Mac and might apply here aswell

  • configure the xamp-php in the flow-Settings … Because flow calls itself sometimes
  • call flow with the xamp-php

I did so and now it shows my the following error:

The corresponding userrights have just been granted.

What can I do now?

I have no clue about windows but the flow documentation states

Setting file permissions is not necessary and not possible on Windows machines. For Apache to be able to create symlinks, you need to use Windows Vista (or newer) and Apache needs to be started with Administrator privileges.