Zendesk Inbox will be discontinued

(Robert Lemke) #1

Today, Zendesk has sent emails to users of their Inbox offering to announce that the service will be discontinued and we will loose access to our data on July 8.

That means, we will need to think about a new solution for coordinating emails for the Neos Project.

I’ll think about that and make some suggestions. If, in the meantime, you have some ideas or solutions you can recommend, please do so in this thread.

(Karsten Dambekalns) #2

https://helpmonks.com/ is free for OSS teams…

(Roland Schütz) #3

I’m using Freshdesk for my company and I’m happy with it.

(Dmitri Pisarev) #4

Freshdesk looks cool, has a free plan as well.

(Robert Lemke) #5

We also used Freshdesk for 1,5 years or so, definitely one of the better services. I think I even asked them if we could use Freshdesk for Neos back then but finally chose Zendesk Inbox for some reason.