A new foundation for the Flowpack team

Hi, this a call for comments about setting up a new foundation (not a CIC, not a real foundation), but to promote better what the Flowpackers are doing, …

For those who don’t know Flowpack, the home base is https://github.com/flowpack with a really old http://flowpack.org/

This team maintains high quality package for Flow and Neos, like the ElasticSearch integration, JobQueue, …

I’m part of them and mainly working on ElasticSearch currently. I want to improve communication & support for Flowpackers, so my plans are the following:

  1. Quick Start a new landing page that showcase the current Packages et Team members
  2. A call for Stargazers
  3. Create an OpenCollective to support the team

New landing

This is proposal for a new design for the landing page.

Call for Stargazers

It’s really important for the team to have an idea of who use the differents packages, so if you are a user, please go to github and start the repository you use / love / support, …

TLDR: OpenCollective require a minimum of 100 stars to create a collection, so don’t be shy a show use your love (or not)


Some packages, like the ElasticSearch ContentRepository Adapter, need a lots of love to keep in sync with the differents versions of Neos and ElasticSearch, so we have currently 4 running version for this package, and we support Elastic 1.x, 2.x, 5.x (upcoming). Like every opensource project, the development is driven by passion and love, sometimes sponsored by client work, sometimes by family times, … It can be really nice to have some budget for maintenance, documentation and coding tasks, no real plan how we will use the money. But one thing is sure, we need transparency, so OpenCollective feel like a good solution.

Please add your comments bellow, all ideas are welcome, …


Awesome initiative. I starred a bunch of repos and also pinned what I consider the most used / looked for repositories on the GH organisation page. As for the landing page, just love the look!

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That looks great and is a very nice idea. Flowpack is somewhat too little present currently and needs to gain more visibility in the community.

Great idea with the new website, like the “grouping” with the “elements” like JQ and ES.

Just one thought about making Flowpack a little more visible - is it promoted/linked/mentioned on neos.io in any way? Maybe that could be improved.

Maybe the flowpack-packages could be highlighed in the package listing on neos.io in some way, to see they are maintained by Neos team-members?

I’m not so sure about the financial side - just undecided, not against it - I personally would prefer, if the sponsoring/financing of work on Flowpack-Packages could be organized by the CIC of Neos to avoid wasting time/energy in building up a separate structure, while the CIC is in place already. But I’m too far away and not sure, whether the CIC is willing to do that and whether it’s meant to handle stuff like that.

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if the sponsoring/financing of work on Flowpack-Packages could be organized by the CIC of Neos to avoid wasting time/energy in building up a separate structure

That is definitely something worth discussing!

The solution with OpenCollective is pretty easy to setup, but yes a funding by the CIC will be nice also and we can have a Flowpack badge :wink: