Guidelines and requirements for official FlowPack packages

Had a short chat with @dfeyer about the guidelines and requirements to become a official FlowPack package.

There have been some talking about how to create a new foundation A new foundation for the Flowpack team

and I would like to know what requirements there is to a official FlowPack. From PHPLeague we can get some inspiration

  1. Use League as the PSR-4 autoloader namespace. Shove code in a src folder.
  2. Adhere to PSR-2 as the coding style guide.
  3. List on Packagist with league as the vendor namespace.
  4. Write unit tests. Aim for at least 80% coverage in version 1.
  5. DocBlock all the things.
  6. Use Semantic Versioning to manage version numbers.
  7. Keep a Changelog.
  8. Use Travis-CI to automatically check coding standards and run tests.
  9. Have an extensive README.
  10. Exclude non-essential files in .gitattributes.

and it’s something similar to that I’m looking for.