Accessibility Guidelines for the UI

Related to Design System for the Neos products

This is a draft

Todos for the first iteration

  • Create sub group in the Design System project
  • Implement WAI-ARIA in some React components as best practice
  • Make WAI-ARIA a requirements for all React components (could be nice if doable for 1.0, let’s see with @dimaip)
  • Interface Inventory (with informations about current accessibility issue)
  • Work first on low hanging fruits (visible to all user)
  • Bigest changes (keyboard navigation, screen reader, …) for the next iteration

What do we need?

  • Project leaders
  • Expert for external validation

Some tools to start with

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Would suggest to ensure that all clickable elements support touch, something I always made sure of in the old UI. This should be easily possible as part of the first iteration.

Good to see this being focussed on.

@aertmann My idea is to make those a hard requirement for all components in our design system

  • Touch friendly
  • Accessible (WAI-ARIA, and WCAG 2.0 if possible)

Will drop it here