Design System for the Neos products

Hi all,

Based on the discussion yesterday, check the minutes here, I want to move forward around the creation of a Design System for the Neos products.

All the related posts (see bellow) are based on the UX research done by Christopher Ono, Jen Hoffman (@wrybit) and some freestyle iteration from my side

This post is a wiki, so feel at home, edit, contribute, improve it :wink:


  • A central place to communicate our design patterns and practices
  • Define a clear and consistent Design language
  • Communicate our vision in term of design to help the community build and extend the UI in consistent why with our product


A design system is not a pattern lab, nor atomic design, … it’s more abstract and high level. A pattern library is a tool (and a best practice), but creating a pattern lab / styleguide is not enough. You can mix the patterns in a way that does not match how the product is planned, … and break the product identity.


  • More bold product identity
  • Consistency
  • More welcoming for external designers, UXers, …
  • A foundation to make decision in the design process more easy
  • Enable more common language and more shared understanding on what we try to do

We need help

And yes we need you, so you have a lots of way to help us:

  • Create issue or issue triage on Github (Use the tab T:UX when an issue is impacted by UX decision and design needs)
  • We need more UXers, interaction designers, … So don’t be shy and contact us


Check the minutes of our last meeting for the details, but to resume:

  • I will prepare some UX/UI/Design workshop for our next sprint in Vienna
  • We decide to have a monthly UX/UI/Design, check the guild-ux on Slack

Learning resources

From my point of view the best practical introduction about Design System

Not focus on design, nor on computer, but the BEST book about system and how to think about them

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Just to have them in here, some existing design systems we could use or borrow from:

I think given that we lack a lot of resources in this area re-using things from one of the big ones is not a shame :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing, I will spend sometime tomorrow to extract the examples from the Smashing book there is some useful stuff there.