Budget allocation December 2022

Hey Neos team members and community,

there are ca. 16.500€ in our piggy bank right now. Thanks to @robert and @daniellienert and likely others I am not aware of, we are now rid off our previous Google costs. :partying_face:

I propose to use the following for this budget round:

  • reserve 3k€ for Neos and Flow 8.2 releases
  • we are getting ca. 5k€/month from supporters and have operating costs of ca. 1k€ per month (some variation in cash flow due to taxes)
  • so looking at a 3 month budget, we could allocate: 16.5k - 3k€ + 3*(5-1)k€ = 25k€

So, please propose ideas how to spend some of the money for the Neos project. Please answer the questions posted in “How is a budget requested?” with your proposal: Guideline: How to apply for a budget from the Neos Project

We will collect suggestions until 7th December 2022 and vote on the suggested topics afterwards. Let me know if the suggestion time frame is too small.



Requesting 7.000€ - 10.000€ for


And I propose a documentation budget. We discussed that yesterday after the team meeting as quite some effort needs to be put into a brand new documentation and @manuelmeister could surely use support by the team. But someone (@Marc ?) needs to prepare the funding request. I’m not enough into the topic (and have others already).


Another proposal: a custom GraphQL adapter for the Media UI to replace the t3n package family and later also become part of the Neos core.
cc @bwaidelich
Not sure how much is needed here, but I don’t see myself currently capable of building something great here, even though I like to learn and support.

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About Docu Funding: The question is for what exactly… back in 2018 we decided that software development for docs would not be funded - kind of because that’s the fun part. So we would need to clarify, writing of tutorials, guides, screencasts, kickstarter features or what exactly would be the delivery?

I still think this could be important Funding Request: Templates to get people hooked on Neos

There was a long discussion as part of the weekly team meeting last week (or two weeks ago?) in which it was discussed that most of the documentation should be generated from the code.
So there are some ideas how to add more docs to the code and how to extract them again. But questions regarding the content should be better asked when the application post has been prepared and explains why it needs the budget than here.



I am not sure whether this is a good idea… I have written most of the Fusion objects docs in Rendering - Manual - Neos CMS - Neos Docs - and I think it was crucial that it is manually written and curated.

So I’d like to add my 2 cts here :wink: Sorry for hijacking the thread.

All the best,

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Hey everybody,

I’d again like to apply for funding for the Neos Event Sourced Content Repository

What have we done in the last year

We’ve done quite a big step with the funding this year:

  • we’ve done quite a lot of polishing and breaking change cleanups in the beginning of this year, before NeosCon
  • after NeosCon, we merged the codebase into the 9.0 branch; and restructured it one last time so that we allow for multiple CR instances in the same Neos installation. This is relevant for using the CR in all kinds of infrastructures.
  • We’ve done a lot of polishing of the codebase; f.e. every class is clearly marked as @api or @internal now; and is residing on the final place. A lot of inline class documentation has been written.
  • We have worked also a lot on migration strategies, both for Content and for code (see neos/rector).
  • There are no breaking changes planned anymore before the 9.0 release.

Additional funding

In addition to the funding last year from the core team (9000 €), we were able to acquire an additional ~30k€ from two companies (one which sponsored me personally, and another one which sponsored @bwaidelich personally). This made lots of progress much easier.

Next Steps

Next year, I’d again love to have a budget of ~10.000-15.000 € from the Neos Funding budget if possible; and again we will be looking for some external sponsors as well. Focus is on real-world migration and preparing the Neos 9.0 Release in fall next year.

It could also make sense to now only allocate parts of the budget this year, and then again use some incoming funds from next year from this. So we do not need to allocate the full amount right now I think.


I know that I am again asking for quite a lot of money; and I am very aware that this eats up a big part of our funds. If we find other ways to finance this work or make it happen without funding, I’d be very happy as well. For instance, if people want to step up and organize a crowdfunding, this would be very much appreciated!

All the best,


Isn’t this what we had before docs.neos.io? I would fully agree that reference documentation (EEL helpers, FlowQuery, whatever) is valuable and can easily be generated from code. However, docs.neos.io was a real game changer for people new to Neos. This summer, two new employees without any former Neos knowledge started working with us. We pointed them to docs.neos.io to get accustomed with the system and they watched videos, checked out the Demo package etc. and what really made the difference was the curated content.

But one idea that might be nice and help keeping documentation up-to-date: To extract “building blocks” (e.g. documentation of an EEL helper, VIewHelper etc.) automatically from code to nodes in docs.neos.io. These blocks could then be referenced/inserted at specific points in the documentation. Don’t know if this would be a useful scenario.

I spoke to my team and could do another CR week in Februar. This would require funding of up to 5200€; Special topics would be finalizing the test suite and ideally the postgres adapter (if not already done by then :slight_smile: )

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@Tobias how do we proceed here :slight_smile:

(@sebobo not easy to come up with a good poll :sweat_smile: )

From the posts above I extracted a poll (in no particular order). You have 2 votes so you can vote for your own proposal and another one

  • Neos.UI package (development environment): 7-10k€ (@sebobo)
  • Event Sourced Content Repository: 10-20k€ (@sebastian incl. @Nezaniel )
  • Neos Template with Documentation: 7k€ (@rolandschuetz )
  • custom GraphQL adapter for the Media UI: ?€ (maybe @bwaidelich ?)

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Let’s have a one week voting period until end of day Monday, 19th December 2022, to get a picture and then decide about the actual allocations from the voting result.

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hi @tobias should we close the voting now?

A note on our budget planning (also to myself of course!): let’s go for a specific number for planning purposes - assigning a budget with a range doesn’t work :see_no_evil:

For this round I suggest we start with the low end amounts (10k for event sourced CR and 7k for Neos.UI package) to go into the new year and allocate more of our budget up to the maximum requested for the 2 top budgets when we have the liquidity available.

@rolandschuetz the Neos Template proposal also got a number of votes - if you want to plan this in 2023, I think that would be possible.


@tobias Let’s decide that next year :wink: