Funding Request: Upgrading the Neos UI development environment

What do you want to spend money on?

In 2022 we upgraded the build system, linting, package management and other related tooling for the Neos.UI package. Most of the changes are now merged and ready for the 8.2 release.

The old environment was 6 years old, slow and not easy to work with.

The new environment is much faster, works with fewer configurations, has far less dependencies and is ready for the next 6+ years.

What got better:

  • Almost instant builds with ESBuild (before 1 minute or more)
  • Almost instant installs with Yarn 3 cache (before 20s+)
  • Faster CI runs
  • >40% size reduction of UI assets (~8MB → ~4.5MB)
  • >10% reduction of UI loading in the browser (650ms → 570ms)
  • Full linting and typechecks for TypeScript
  • Replaced lerna with yarn workspaces
  • Removed almost all babel usage (only extensibility still needs it)

Open tasks:

  • Upgrade extensibility system to provide benefits also to plugin authors
  • Finish yarn pnp support for even faster initial install times
  • Upgrade CSS build system to support modern CSS features (like variables)
  • Get rid of Babel
  • More?

How much money do you want to spend?

7.000€ or 10.000€ if possible

Split between Marc Henry Schultz, Markus Günther and Sebastian Helzle with the first two getting a larger split. If other contributors want to help with the open tasks we can also include them.
(Maybe Robert Baruck too, who worked on this topic during 2 Neos sprints?)

Who would be the budget owner?

Sebastian Helzle

In what timeframe do you want to spend the money?

Most of the work already happened between April 2022 and now so we would immediately distribute it in 2022-12 after checking of others want to join in for the open tasks.

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