CKEditor questions for Neos

So here are some questions where I’d like to know more about CKEditor regarding the editing / customization capabilities and general concepts:

  • How can we provide a custom UI implementation that drives the editing engine with the current UX concept in Neos? (e.g. Custom toolbar and additional properties in Inspector)
  • Can we integrate our linking approach into the editor?
  • What possibilities do we have to define custom formatting for node types (e.g. some special classes defined by an integrator) but keeping the output semantic
  • Is there a good way to integrate our asset management into the editor? It should be possible to link assets, choosing / uploading images for inline placement
  • Are Widgets a possible solution for semantic editing of nested, structured content? E.g. placing nodes inside text that can be edited in a structured way with the Widget concept?
  • What is the general concept / outlook for structured editing in CKEditor?
  • Are there plans to having a more distraction free mode that is highly context-dependent and where something like popovers can be used to manipulate properties instead of having dialogs? (see for example
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  • definitely doable; there’s a PoC for this
  • with ckEditor 5, will be a lot easier
  • do not count on editor to solve “linking”, but do on your own (in Neos)
  • yes, possible (what’s API?)
  • Applying a link: “apply style” in editor
  • Q: “custom formatting rules” (only on inline elements vs on block-level elements)
  • Block-Level vs element level
  • (should work)
  • also nestedly possible (image + caption e.g.)
  • Flow between editors (e.g. end of one editor, press “ENTER” -> jump to next one)

  • Widget Drag/Drop can be controlled on a fine-grained level

  • (Example on how to declare widgets?)

  • (Dynamic Widget – what is allowed in where?)

  • API and UI cleanly encapsulated

  • Feature (lowest level)

  • Command (! – the API we’ll interact with)

  • Button (UI component)

  • (like in Medium)
  • Alloy (built on top of CKeditor) – mimicking this kind of style like Medium
  • doable.

Performance with very many contenteditables might need to be checked

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Hey everybody,

let’s move the discussion over to RFC: More stable editing by using CKEditor

:slight_smile: All the best,