Code contribution guideline

Make sure you have read the contribution introduction.

General development documentation

Additional development documentation

  • schema
  • package overview (Neos/Flow)
  • debugging
  • scramble translations
  • logging
  • versioning strategy (Neos/Flow)
  • releasing (Neos/Flow)
  • merged composer.json
  • tools

Neos specific development documentation

  • general introduction
  • styling
  • demo site
  • code structure
    • JS backend
      • minified (built)
      • grunt
      • structure
      • browser caching
      • external API
      • jQuery
    • backend controllers
    • services
  • EEL (parser)

Flow specific development documentation

  • code structure

Other resources

When are pull requests merged

Note that you need to fork the two development collections depending on which code you want to change. We cannot accept pull requests into the READ-ONLY repositories (like, these are build with the changes.


  • FAQ section

  • TL;DR for all sections

  • ask everyone to read through, add missing stuff and comment

  • ask everyone to always refer people to the guidelines and if something is missing, add it