Contributing to the Neos Project

This document is a work in progress

Neos and Flow is community software built on open-source principles by a community collaborating on a shared goal. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the community and has the possibility to influence the project.

Please be considerate of our code of conduct! We like to provide a positive and enjoyable environment for everybody.

Do you want to get a certain improvement in Neos or Flow ? Did you find a problem? Do you want to help translate, promote or document the products?

Become part of the Neos Project Community and help us offer a better experience to the content management industry.

How to participate

The development of the project is structured in an agile way. You can found more details about the current teams on the official Neos website. You can join one of those team or decide to simply send a single or irregular contributions. All contributions are welcome.


Your are a developer, a design or an UX expert and want to improve the products, what’s the next step?

You are a design or UX expert ?

The Neos project is focused on providing first class UX for our products. Help out with Neos CMS user interaction design or graphic design! Get involved on the design team page!

You are a Content Strategist ?

We love Content, so we try to solve today’s problem in producing, curating and managing content. Input from you as a Content Strategist help us to reach our goal. Contact us to see how we can collaborate.

You are a coder, backend, frontend or both ?

Our stack

We spend our time on the following tools, you should have a good understanding of this tooling.

  • PHP 5.5+
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • EmberJS
  • GIT

You can find us on Github and we use Jira as our main issue tracker.

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You have skills in marketing, branding or product strategy ?

The Neos project is responsible for the Neos brand and we manage two product Neos CMS, our content application platform, and Flow Framework, a modern PHP based framework designed to support Neos or any complex PHP application.

We are currently in the process to create the identity for the Neos brand. If you have skills in this area your are highly welcome, just ping us to have more information on the current status of the branding project.

You have other skills that you think can be useful for the community ?

Who knows, some of your skills are not in this list, but can be really useful for the community. You are a project manager, an event organizer, a brewer, a team builder and joga trainer and you want to support an open source community, keep in touch with us:

We certainly have a something that match your dream job and where you can help the products.


Your are an end user, enthusiast developer and you have some hours to help the community, let’s see how you can setup Neos, test the product and report issue to the community.

Our stack

We spend our time on the following tools, you should have a good understanding of this tooling.

  • PHPunit (unit and functional testing)
  • Behat (functional testing)
  • GIT

You can find us on Github and we use Jira as our main issue tracker.

Related resources

  • TODO How to setup your testing environment ?

Translate and document

We use XLIFF to store the translated string for all our products. You can contribute to the translation process, by creating an account at crowdin.

On a regularly basis we synchronize the translation from crowdin to our git repositories.

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  • TODO How to synchronise translation from crowdin manually ?

You have some knowledge, try to help other

Answer questions about the products use and development.

Support the Neos Project development with bounties

The Neos project has not founded its own association or any other formal legal body. Thus it is not possible to directly donate to the Neos project. Sandstorm want to support the Neos project as best as we can, including financially. Sandstorm have therefore agreed with the Neos team to sell Neos supporter badges and use all revenues to support the Neos project. Check the official funding website

Thanks for helping Neos CMS and Flow Framework

If you have any questions, we are happy to help you.

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Very nice already! I have a few remarks regarding the content:

Contains something about the stack and github, I think this is more for frontend people, a design or UX expert shouldn’t need that at all.

Dislike even if funny.

Also testers / bug triage shouldn’t require phpunit, behat, git etc. People should be welcomed that only want to do “direct”, manual testing and stuff…

Not sure if we shouldn’t talk about Content Strategists or the likes as well, just to try attracting them…

Thanks for takign care so far!

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Just quickly fixed some typos and added the link to the development setup docs

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So, how is this supposed to be finalized? Where should it end up? Stay here? Be on the website?

it’s supposed to end up on the website, adding it to would be fitting

Hello Dominique, please check your initial post, especially section “Our stack” and the links.

For example:

[6] and [7] 404
[8] ends always in timeout for me

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