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A long time ago we discussed adding comments to the documentation of Flow/Neos, but that was shot down due to privacy concerns in the TYPO3 community. Now that we’re no longer in that community and free to do as we see fit, I’d like to suggest that again. What is used for it doesn’t matter too much, although an integration with the Neos account database would be nice, however not a requirement. I know it is possible to integrate Disqus on RTD and they have a nice way of voting best comments up, which is very important for comments on documentation. We don’t want it to be as useless as the comments. Alternatively using Discourse might be possible, but I don’t know.

Would anyone be up for looking into making that happen and is there a general consensus on this being a good idea?



I think that comment in documentation is a really good thing.

I don’t found time to work on the Discourse package, but if we decide to go in this direction I can try start working on it when I’m back from the festival, currently working for the VOD service. Back in Lausanne around the 18th of august

+1 for looking into the possibility to include Discourse, see also Commenting through Discourse

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Hey everybody,

To me, the Wordpress-Discourse Bridge pretty much sounds like a “two-way-sync-hack”:

  • Optinally publish all new posts to Discourse automatically
  • Use Discourse to comment on blog posts with associated Discourse topics
  • Periodicially sync the “best” posts in Discourse topics back to the associated WordPress blog entry as WordPress comments
  • Enable SSO to Discourse
  • Define format of post on Discourse
  • Set username of post on Discourse
  • Set published category on Discourse
  • Allow author to automatically track published Discourse topics
  • Show comments on Discourse based on post score and commenter trust level

So if there’s a Disqus integration which we could just “easily enable”, that’s the direction I’d rather suggest to take for now. We can even integrate disqus with our infrastructure:

What do you think?

All the best,

To me Disqus seems like a better fit because it allows ordering of comments by votes, which is very important for docs.

I really like the idea of keeping it indie !!! I must say I’m having a great experience with the platform powered by, so why should we hand out internal communication on the docs to a third party like discuss?
I don’t like the idea of needing a discus account or handing over legitimation to discus via twitter, facebook, etc. to make a simple comment!

P.S.: Other topic: Just today I realized how good the indexing of read-the-docs is working… searching something like “flowframework policy” takes me to the correct place right away!

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