CQRS / ES - Meeting, 2017-04-07

CQRS / ES - Meeting, 2017-04-07

Participants: Bastian, Sascha Nowak

Re-establish weekly meetings

It’s been a long while since we had our last CQRS/ES Meeting (due to holidays, conference preparation, life, …).
We plan to reintroduce the weekly meetings, every Friday, 11.30am CET. Everyone is welcome to join in order to discuss/distribute tasks for the Neos.EventSourcing package.

Unfortunately most of us were unavailable today, so we only briefly discussed the immediate next steps:

Next steps

“Event-Sourcing” was one of the central topics on the conference and the Neos.EventSourcing package was mentioned multiple times. Unfortunately it’s not very usable in the current state because it can’t even be installed as described and contains a lot of outdated documentation in general.
So IMO that would be the most important thing to fix ASAP:

  • Fix EventStore schema generation (see issue #42)
  • Fix documentation, at least to get the installation part right
  • Further discuss Suggested directory structure and adjust docs/code accordingly
  • Come up with a good structure for the documentation

For the new documentation I have some rough ideas I’d like to share with you. In general I think we need different entry points including a glossary and maybe a tutorial-style quickstart that starts with an easy use case and adds special cases (like async projections, process manager, different backends, …) on top, with a cross-reference between the glossary…
Maybe we can manage to describe ES in a general way so that it can be used as general documentation (of course it should contain the code that is required to make this work with our package). There’s so little in-depth documentation out there; this could be a chance to attract new developers.

Anyways, first we should probably fix the current state of the code/docs.

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