CQRS / ES - Meeting, 2017-04-13

CQRS / ES - Meeting, 2017-04-13

Participants: Alexander, Bastian, Christian, Dmitry

Next steps

Since last week’s meeting we weren’t able to do a lot (except for new comments on several issues) so we re-confirmed the list of important next steps and assembled some new ideas:

Fix EventStore schema generation (see issue #42)

If noone else feels obliged, Bastian will take care of that (or at least document alternative ways on how to get the db schema configured) during the next week

Fix documentation, at least to get the installation part right

Related to the one above, Bastian will take care of this if noone else does.

Further discuss Suggested directory structure and adjust docs/code accordingly

Some comments have been added to the issue in the meantime and we had some more ideas:

It will be very difficult to come up with a structure that fits all needs, so we should consider documenting the suggested structure(s) in multiple steps starting with the easiest case of a Service that publishes Events (and where to put them).

The final example could be a structure like the ones discussed above, including Application, Process Managers, Services, … with the noticeable advice to split up complex projects into multiple packages (maybe even separating read/ride in the application layer)

Come up with a good structure for the documentation

We collected some more ideas about the possible structure for the documentation and Bastian started a shared Google Doc:

Everyone feel free to add your ideas/comments (just request write access if you lack it)
to avoid the “cookie licking effect”

Alexander likes the style of http://buttercup-php.github.io/protects/

Dmitry wants to add some text about his journey with the “Newsletter Subscription” example, possibly as foundation for one of the tutorials/cook book