Entity of type Image for IDs was not found

Hey together,
I have an error with only a black screen and error message, because I deleted an image in Neos 3.0.x which is obvious in use (on other site too).
Unfortunaltely I don’t think about and the internal check doesn’t register this too. Maybe because of this «not showing the usages/references»

The Error:

An exception was thrown while Neos tried to render your page
Entity of type 'Neos\Media\Domain\Model\Image' for IDs Persistence_Object_Identifier(5c2d94b5-b3a9-4b32-a178-f3b5668a56d9) was not found
How I could check of Entity and choose the dummy-image.svg or an own one with information > «the assign image was deleted by your mistake! choose an other one or upload and select it again!»

> Something like default-check below, but check also for Entity:

<f:if condition="{image}">
			<media:image image="{image}" alt="{alternativeText}" title="{title}" width="{width}" maximumWidth="{maximumWidth}" height="{height}" maximumHeight="{maximumHeight}" allowUpScaling="{allowUpScaling}" />				
			<f:if condition="{neos:rendering.inEditMode()}">
				<img src="{f:uri.resource(package: 'Neos.Neos', path: 'Images/dummy-image.svg')}" title="Dummy image" alt="Dummy image" class="neos-handle" />
In current state I get a Black-Sceen-of-death also in Backend with the error-throwing above and have to fiddle-out in database the matching data-record. Then delete the properties "image" with the matching __identifier in neos_contentrepository_domain_model_nodedata by hand. Afterwards flush cache and reload.

*It s a workaround – but too dangerous for production.*

- ***Should the ```<f:if condition="{image}"></if>``` check also for Entity, and maybe I have a typo or an other code-error within?***
- ***If not, is there an other condition-clause to check on Entity?***