Event Sourced CR - benefits

While looking at the funding and progress of the ESCR project, the following questions come to mind:

  • Which of the planned user and developer relevant benefits will be available in version 2.0
  • Are you going to advertise them more prominently, leading to the upcoming release - and how?

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The status of the technical features are clear from the goal list in the post Neos ES CR Funding Q4 2019

To an end-user, however the application and how they benefit from that, matters. Some of the possible outcomes were mentioned on https://www.neos.io/blog/content-repository-2nd-edition.html under “what new features”:

  • Versioning (possibly with Undo/Redo functionality)
  • Better performance (for reading nodes)
  • Easier integration with 3rd parties (e.g. with search engines like elasticsearch)
  • More sophisticated publishing/review workflows
  • Traceability / better debugging possibilities
  • Intelligent conflict solution
  • More stability in general

…and many more.

And which are YOUR favourite applications or benefits, that you’re looking forward to, personally? :slight_smile:

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I’m looking forward to more stability/reliability in the CR, the possibilities that come with custom projections (such as better read performance & scalability) and – in the long term – a stand alone implementation that allows people to use the CR outside of the Neos context

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Integration wise finding nodes that reference to other nodes will enable a lot. I expect completely new patterns to emerge from this.

Also the ability to create custom projections is great and will on the long run probably lead to new features and drastically improved performance.