First Neos Flow install

I installed the base distribution with composer create-project neos/neos-base-distribution and when running flow.bat server:run I get following error:

The system cannot find the path specified.

  Type: Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Exception\SubProcessException
  Code: 1355480641
  File: C:\Users\Kevin\Desktop\Projekte\neos\Packages\Framework\Neos.Flow\Classes\C
  Line: 719

Open Data/Logs/Exceptions/201904262116056e39d2.txt for a full stack trace.

The error was thrown when executing this command:

SET FLOW_ROOTPATH=C:/Users/Kevin/Desktop/Projekte/neos/&SET FLOW_PATH_TEMPORARY_BASE=C:/Users/Kevin/Desktop/Projekte/neos/Data//Temporary&SET FLOW_CONTEXT=Development&SET XDEBUG_CONF
IG=idekey=FLOW_SUBREQUEST remote_port=9001&"C:/php/php" -c "C:\xampp\php\php.ini" "C:/Users/Kevin/Desktop/Projekte/neos/Packages/Framework/Neos.Flow/Classes/Core/../../Scripts/flow.p
hp" "neos.flow:core:compile" 2>&1

The stack trace:

Exception #1355480641 in line 403 of C:\Users\Kevin\Desktop\Projekte\neos\Packages\Framework\Neos.Flow\Classes\Core\Booting\Scripts.php: The system cannot find the path specified.

12 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Scripts::executeCommand("neos.flow:core:compile", array|17|)
11 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Scripts::initializeProxyClasses(Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
10 call_user_func(array|2|, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
9 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step::__invoke(Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
8 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
7 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
6 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
5 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invokeStep(Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Step, Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
4 Neos\Flow\Core\Booting\Sequence::invoke(Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap)
3 Neos\Flow\Cli\CommandRequestHandler::boot("Runtime")
2 Neos\Flow\Cli\CommandRequestHandler::handleRequest()
1 Neos\Flow\Core\Bootstrap::run()

Any ideas why this is happening and how to fix it?

I have no experience running Neos on Windows. Mostly Linux and Mac are used.

Did you try the dev setup descriptions from the docs here:

Yes, I did everything in that tutorial, still gives the same error.

Did you try one of the docker variants of the tutorial? The simple setup is only recommendet for Linux und Mac.

Yes @mficzel

Fixed this issue by just entering those commands one for one in the command line. AND “C:/php/php” doesnt exist on my pc, dont know why it tried to open php via that folder, just copied the xampp php to that location and worked!

See the Setting:


We cannot possibly know that but fill it with some sensible default for linux that works in 90% of all cases, but on windows there is no default path for executables, so you will need to set the setting to your php path.